Wednesday, April 28, 2010


To reward herself.

To indulge a guilty pleasure.

To satisfy a need.

To complement an outfit.

To make a fashion statement.

To feel good. To look good.

To drive a man crazy.

These are just some of the reasons women buy shoes. And there are probably hundreds more.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Jeggings as they call it now are sold everywhere and worn by many either women or men. Usually worn with the flats shoes or jandals and with longer or large size tank tops. Most girls wear dresses, long layered tank tops over jeans. Skinny jeans and Leggings have also become very popular especially to young girls. They usually wear it under their skirts or with a long shirt. Students wear them underneath ripped jeans so the patterns, prints and colors show through the holes. Leggings seem to be the number one way to wear them. Skin tight pants are in this season. They can be worn in many different environments and occasions because they are comfy and elegant depends how you wear them.. Another positive about leggings is that all age groups can execute the look and this year leggings have broken the barrier. They are selling in all different colors, patterns, and materials. Depends which ones look best on you. I think all of them as long as you carry it well and how you style it. Let's take a look at what some good options suits you. The best color to buy is black and brown you can wear them with almost everything. It will make your legs look longer especially when the leggings or jeggings are paired with stilettos and you also have the 80’s look which is the trend these year. Make sure you wear the stirrups over the heels sometimes for an ultra-unique look. By wearing a long and snug shirt with lots of accessories, you can make this look complete. The sexiest look for jeggings is wear it with a pair of heels. If you have long hair, wear it up for a more casual look, or down and curly for a date night out. Now, you’re ready to show them what you got!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

High heeled vs low heeled shoes…

For me low heeled shoes are suit for women. But today’s trend are high heeled shoes they are popular and exaggerate. They’re high as 16cm. But for me it is too high wear them, its like a torture to yourself. But for those women who can wear them are noble and style. High heeled shoes are good for short girls to make them look taller as long as you are comfortable with them. But a medical researcher said that wearing a high shoes doesn’t benefit for women. If women wear flat shoes, it is not completely show of her temperament. So I think low heeled shoes is the best for female. That’s why for me I choose to wear flat shoes as they are comfortable to walk.

My top 5 branded perfumes…

1.burberry brit perfume - a truly feminine fragrance, it assures that you get recognition by the delicate aroma and to enhance your personality with its long lasting scent. My number 1 choice.

2. Gucci eau de parfum II - The fragrance is luminous, and light, casual and flirty, with a lingering trace. Its simple and precious components make it very modern and attractive young women like me. Hehe. The perfume was created by Antoine Maisondieu in 2004. I liked the smell as I can detect a fruity, sweet and quite strong but perfect for summer. This is gorgeous!!

3. Christian Dior Pure Poison - Pure Poison Precious, sophisticated fragrance ritual sensual, seductive, sexy & voluptuous Top notes of Green mandavine, Tunisian petitgrain Heart notes of sambac jasime, orange blossom note Base notes of Cocoa bean absolute, Vanilla-Amber accord. Fits your budget, smells great, soft and sexy. Scents attracts people, does not push away….

4. Fantasy by Britney Spears - is for the who is seductive, charming and elusive. I personally love this perfume, it really last for long even I have washed my clothes the smell remains. Its like magic! It has the magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalizing trail of embracing sensuality. Its kind of sexy smell that you get addicted to.

5. Guess Gold - Guess is very popular brand name in fashion oriented society as well as there fragrances. For sure all of us are familiar with it, there very famous of the high quality clothing and apparel as well. But these Guess perfume is really good, some say too strong and powerful but it actually have the feminine scent. One of the best seller in the line of Guess perfume….

Rihanna’s big transformation…

Rihanna has surprised us with her big transformation from soft to hard and from nice to naughty spicing together to create that sensational impossible to copy look. Her short funky hairstyle have set her apart from beyonce, shakira and lady gaga’s style. She has had so many transformations bangs, long flowing hair weave extensions, crimps, highlights, a bob, short and a lot more. I like her look from head to toe. After cutting her hair into an A symmetrical bob she was then proclaimed as “Good Girl Gone Bad”. She was named the stylish celebrity by Glamour Magazine beating out Victoria Beckham. She has a new music video which is out now its called “rude boy” check it out and you can see how she has transform herself. I have seen it so many times all I can say is amazing. She looks pretty awesome with her new outfit and hairstyle.

It’s a girl thing!!

Cosmetics are something that many women can't live without whether you're a young or mature woman, these free tips are for you.
Make-up is a great beauty enhancer, but always remember you need to remove it every night and let your skin breathe so you don't end up with clogged pores and blemishes. You can buy make up remover from the supermarket. They’re very affordable or otherwise you can just wash your face using facial washing soap.
Here you'll find free make up tips and tricks to look your best!

Applying Foundation

• Choose which type of foundation that suits your skin colour. It should match your face and neck colour. Choose carefully or else you’ll end up like a zombie.
• Use a foundation with SPF 15 to prevent future skin damage.
• You can ask for samples from the beauty advisor at the counter but not before determining your skin type.
• Do not use same foundation for the whole season, try blending colours sometimes as this is the only way to get a perfect skin match.
• Make sure to apply foundation around your neck, eyelids and lips for more natural look. This is also a good setting for eye shadow and lipstick to stay on longer.
• For girls with clear complexion you need to put tinted moisturizer to have that natural look.
• Liquid foundation is really good and best for girls with dry skin like me as this is water based. You just use sponge or your finger to blend it.
• Remember to shake it first before use as liquid foundation settle and separate while not in use.
• You can also apply loose powder using a large brush to “set” your foundation and to keep it from melting especially in a hot and humid place.
• Applying a moisturizer before foundation is really helpful for girls who has dry skin like me. I use nivea moisturizer and Max factor liquid foundation these two suits best for my skin.
• For girls with oily skin, powder foundation is best for you as it will help reduce shine.
• For girls with blemishes or dark spot use a concealer with pressed powder to cover it.
• If you think your make up is to heavy add moisturizer to thin it.
• After applying make-up, go outside or near a window to check for blunders and your ready to go……..enjoy your new face!!hehe

Eye Make-up

• Overly plucked your eyebrows to look unnatural and make your eyes appear smaller.
• To define your eyes use eye shadow. Three shades are ideal with the darkest on the lid and the lightest just below the brow bone.
• For daytime use natural tone it’s the best! You just want to look natural, you don’t want to overdo it or else you will look like a vampire.
• Powder eye shadow stays on the longest.
• If you’re tired matte eye shadow is best than frost. Frost shadow draws attention to wrinkles.
• If you want to make your eyes look bigger or larger, extend your eye shadow above the lid and use a light shadow or highlight right beneath your brow to open up your eyes.
• For your eyelashes, use eyelash curler before applying mascara as it will shape your lashes and extend them to the fullest. To prevent damage, remember do not hold the curler too close to the roots, its painful. Use Black/Brown mascara or eyeliner it will give you more dramatic look.
• When applying mascara, apply from top and bottom of your lashes for extra thick and fuller lashes. Make sure to use toilet tissue paper to keep mascara from getting on your face.
• For mascara best result is to apply two coats but make sure first coat is dry before applying second.
• You can always use unscented baby wipes to remove eye make-up. Rub lightly and slowly that you wont hurt your eyes.
• If you want to use liquid eye liner to emphasize your dramatic look, try to make a straight line or else it will ruin your look.
• To open up your eyes line only the upper lids. Lower lids will make eyes appear smaller.
• Put your eye pencils in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening like I do.
• Always use waterproof mascara especially when attending a wedding or funeral or in a summer time. You don’t want to look like the grudge!!


• Petroleum jelly or lip balm helps your lips moisturized. Use it all the time.
• Use lip liner that match your lipstick.
• To make thin lips appear larger, apply your liner just outside of your natural lip line. Add a final touch with lip gloss.
• Apply pressed powder on and around your lips.
• Never ever apply lipstick testers to your lips in a store. It's not hygienic. Not safe at all! Try applying it to the back of your wrist and see if it match your skin colour.
• If you have a sparkling teeth you can wear orange colour lipstick or red.
• To avoid lipstick getting on your teeth, run your finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out. The excess will come off on your finger


• If you have a tan or dark skin, apply bronzing powder to cheeks as a blusher.
• You can also pinch your cheeks for an instant glow.
• Use your medium-sized blush brush to avoid a striping affect.
• When applying blusher, apply to the apple of your cheeks and just underneath your jaw. Try peach colored blush for a great sun-kissed look. You can also apply liquid blush or crème blush if you are not using foundation.